If you have always wanted to learn to play the bass, like me, then this website has some tips and resources on how to play bass guitar which I have found really useful in helping me to go from a beginner to intermediate player in just a few weeks.

How To Play Bass Guitar

Learning how to play bass guitar has always been an ambition for many of us and now that ambition can become true with very little effort.

As with any other instrument, there are countless books that purport to teach bass guitar. Many come with CD's or DVD's but can be hard to follow.

I don't know about you but, in the past, I often got past the first few lessons but then struggle because I don't understand the technique, can't read the music/tabs or get the beat so I'm stuck and after a few frustrating evenings just give up.

Well now things have changed. I have had a massive breakthrough in learning to play the bass.

I Learned How To Play Bass Guitar In 21 Days!

Around six weeks ago I came across a site which changed my bass playing out of all recognition in 21 days. In fact the progress I made in the first week was more than I have made in the previous year.

I am a Rock, Funk and Jazz fan and the and step by step instructions for all stages of each style are great fun, easy to follow and learn.

All the techniques are covered; tuning, picking, plucking, slap & pop, strumming and tapping. If you don't know what I mean by these terms don't worry as you soon will and will be using them like a pro ;o).

I think my success here is due to the clarity and diverse mixture of formats the material comes in. There are, written, video and audio lessons. As a bonus you also get 1,000 jam tracks (these are amazing and make practice great fun), tablature, rhythm riffs and solo scales.

It's now six weeks since I began my lessons with Music Master Pro and my knowledge, skill and enjoyment has continued to grow. I'm now using their techniques for transcribing to learn my favorite riffs from albums and radio.

Man, it's all just so cool!

So, if you want to learn how to play bass guitar or, improve on your existing talent, go take a look and give it a try. Click on the "Learn Bass" button when you get to the page and go from there.

You will find it's a blast and...

It works!

Here's the link: Music Master Pro

Update: For this week the price has been reduced from $169.95 to $29.95.